November 14, 2011

Winter Warm Clothes

Proof #847 you are a grown up: remembering to fill in gaps in your winter wardrobe before finding yourself shoveling the deck in five inches of white stuff.

For the first time in roughly 14 years I bought new ski pants. They are Columbia and are not exciting, but these two finds are:
Teva Montecito boots in Gunsmoke. I have rain boots and pack boots, but my bumming around town and walking to work in the snow boots are hand-me-downs that don't quite work. I haven't gotten these yet, but I'm excited.

I picked this lightweight coat up last night at Target for our bike ride. Its an unbelievable top layer/wind protection jacket for $40. Paired with my Marmot half-zip, I was toasty warm against some serious headwinds and cooling temperatures.

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