January 4, 2012

'Tis the Season for Redecorating

This time of year always finds me super invigorated when it comes to decorating and organizing our house. Its a good thing I'm full of inspiration now, since the rest of the year is far too busy to think about rugs and cozy kitchen nooks.

I've loved this image (Ikea, via Darling Dexter) for roughly 8 billion years. It is so cozy, happy and light. We have a nook in our kitchen, which I mostly use for storage of cooking items, dog food and juice. My goal this month is to do a non-contruction update using benches, pillows, an existing rug and a table of unknown origin.

My preference would be to find something used since there's enough crappy pre-fab furniture in the world that doesn't need a home in our house, but in the essence of finding just what I need, I like these options from Target.

Farmhouse dining bench and Shaker-style bench. Both are made of wood and would be good seating additions to whatever needs we may have in the future.

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