January 18, 2012

Travel, New Job, New Year, Movies and Smoothies

Much delayed, much delayed, but here I am! After a really lovely New Years featuring an insane amount of sleep, a Euchre tournament, reading and lots of loafing, I started the transition from my old job to my new one by traveling to California for training.

I love how hotels have made the move to offer some in-room creature comforts. A cup of tea in a hotel room goes a long way towards making this homebody feel cozy.

Picked up some of the best cheese in the world. I haven't opened it up to eat since it spent the night at the Des Moines airport while I was stranded in Chicago, so I hope its okay.

Can't we talk about smoothies? I don't really like them, but I do like Naked Juice. Couldn't I just puree all these things in our blender (its powerful) and let is drain through cheesecloth? I don't want to buy any more gadgets, plus I've heard juicers are a nightmare to clean. 

That said, I did make this smoothie a few weeks ago. It was really good.

Last but not least, movies. I'm so disappointed by the movies that are out right now and in the running for awards season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we saw the Muppet Movie (loved it, Ma Nah Ma Nah), Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (very good) and The Descendants (excellent). It just seems like there should be a crush of movies to see and there's not much of anything. 

We did see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy this past weekend. It was pretty good, very old school. I found my new alias, Benedict Cumberbatch. Isn't that the best name ever?

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