September 28, 2012

Food, Lately

We've had some good meals as of late.

One thing that's helped tremendously is buying and freezing meat from Wallace Farms. I pick out a good selection of different meats when its time to order (once a month) and then work my way through the freezer with my meal planning. I know what types of things we eat a lot of, but also add some new things each month. Its an exciting grab bag to choose from.

Photo from Cup of Jo.

A few yummy meals we've had lately:
  • Roasted chicken with creamy white bean vegetable mash. I've not personally had a lot of success with roasting chickens (I know, its so easy). This recipe called for lots of fresh herbs, which I had in spades and cooking for a shorter amount of time in a cast iron pan. So good.
  • Italian Wedding Soup. The baked meatballs make this dish perfect. And, I got all homestead-y and used broth from the aforementioned chicken.
  • Fettuccine with kale and sausage. This recipe is stunner for how simple it is and how few ingredients it calls for. I used large elbows instead of fettuccine. I also added garlic and red pepper as some reviewers recommend.
What's good in your kitchen these days?

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