February 26, 2008

Italy Here We Come

Yesterday I booked our tickets to Italy, our slightly delayed big honeymoon trip with our friends Bud & Crenna. We're going to Rome, Pompeii, Venice, Florence and maybe a few other places along the way. Then we are going to end our trip in Switzerland, squeezing in some (very efficient) time with Anthony's sister Maureen and family. Even though its not until November, I'm totally starting my checklist of preparation now:
  1. Find cute, comfortable walking shoes that will look good and keep me from falling, tripping or looking totally American. I'm going to start by researching Keen shoes.
  2. Find a cute travel backpack that will fit me, my clothes, on trains and not scream TOURIST! I like Eagle Creek bags, so I'm going to check those out.
  3. Figure out Italian words for foods I like and dislike. I took a combined 6 years of Spanish, so I feel good about my odds. Nonetheless, I don't want to get caught with tripe, shellfish, mushrooms or lamb. Plus, I need to figure out my coffee order. Probably the most important thing:)

I'm super excited to go to Italy, especially with Anthony who know so much about history. Its fun to have a great trip to look forward to and I'm really excited to see the Senns and the town they live in. But let's be honest, I'm most excited about the pizza. Ah Italy (Naples to be exact), home of one of my favorite foods of all time. And they make it the good way there, fresh ingredients, wood fired oven, lots of basil and mozzarella. YUM!

Photos from iStock photo and geology.com

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Amy said...

You're going to have the best trip! We went to Rome for our honeymoon for five days and still had so much we didn't get to see/do. We didn't speak a word of Italian (i took french for 7 yrs) and we didn't even need to use it. I think you'll be fine.

There was this restaurant near the pantheon that was so good in Piazza Navona. I don't recall the name. But from the Pantheon, when we got to the square, we turn right and it was the first restaurant with outdoor seating. It was amusing eating outside because there were guys from each restaurant 'fighting' over luring customers walking by in.