March 24, 2008

Dining Room Tour

I've been waiting for the curtains my mom made for our dining room to post a mini-tour of the room. Its not done by any means (need to move the overhead light, find a new table, more storage and decide what to put on a few of the walls), but its starting to feel more put together. The color we painted it is serious. No messin' around with this color at all. Its not green with a hint of this or a touch of that. Its SHAMROCK green.

This is the dining room from the front door/entryway/living room. I'm mad for the curtains my mom made, especially after spending a bajillion hours on the interwebs looking for something I liked and would help pull the living room & dining room together. The rug is from Crate & Barrel and was a wedding gift from my friend, and bridesmaid, Mosie. Most of the furniture is from my grandparents, bearing the mark of my grandma's good taste.

This is a dresser my parents gave me after they decided not to use it. My dad refinished the drawers and I keep thinking I'm going to finish the project, but I haven't been tempted to do so yet. In it I keep platters, tablecloths, place mats and stuff for entertaining. In the lower right corner is the 12 bottle wine cellar my brother Dane got us for a wedding gift. We love it! The vase on top of the dresser was a gift from Anthony's friend Ty's parents, Sue & Ron. We love it too! Thanks much.

This was the card Anthony's friends from high school Brian & Eva gave us with a very cool cutting board. It is a watercolor of the Mississippi River looking down from Effigy Mounds, near Anthony's parents farm and where he grew up. The colors are unreal!

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Nance said...

LOVE the green wall!