March 24, 2008

Good Times

We had a great time with my family, though it went way too quickly. My parents were super awesome and helped us with some house projects that needed desperate attention. With the melting snow came the advent of leaves, so my dad and Anthony went to town filling 8 or 9 compost bags with leaves. And both of my parents helped resuscitate two chairs I had gotten from my grandparents a few years ago. One of them was our problem chair, which each unsuspecting guest would lean back in and think they broke it; the other was well on its way. My dad and Anthony took the chairs apart, then glued and clamped them back together. My mom recovered the chairs with this fun fabric that plays off the wall color and new curtains she made. Thanks guys!

And, we're still enjoying some of the benefits of weekend company: crazy clean, sparkling bathroom, lots of leftovers, picked up house, organized magazines and clean dishes.


Jennifer said...

Amanda, you're curtains look awesome! Where did you find the fabric?

MsAmanda said...

Its decorators fabric from Hancock Fabrics--I think it may be a Waverly pattern, but I can't remember. Then my mom added the ribbon on the top and bottom to make them a little more interesting. I got it when I visited my parents in February.