May 6, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

My mom is on vacation this week, so I know I'm safe to post her Mother's Day gift. I got her a mix of fun and useful cooking related things; two of which I know she wanted because she asked me to pick them up for her at some point. I'm sending her package off tomorrow and it includes:

Two pairs, 1 9-inch and 1 12-inch, of OXO tongs. I love mine so much, I don't know how I cooked meat before I had a pair. I got one pair with silicone tips to protect treated pots & pans.
A Reisenthel reusable shopping bag. We were discussing reusable shopping bags at Easter and I loved this one because it folds down so small. I picked one up for myself too, and have been LOVING it. I really like the strap, its like a tote bag.
Mmmm, real vanilla. Again, how did I ever bake without the real deal? We usually have luck finding pure vanilla at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but hadn't found any lately. I also got some fun floral and koi cocktail napkins since my parents entertain so often. I found everything at my local cooking store, Kitchen Collage.

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