May 2, 2008

To do list overload

Now that its getting nice out (finally), I'm starting my mental to do list for outside this house, which combined with my mental to list for inside the house, is pretty overwhelming. I kind of don't know where to start. Maybe if I detail it here, it will become more clear.Inside the house:
Paint the upstairs hallway and change out hardware on built-in cabinets
Paint our bedroom and find new storage solutions
Finish arranging CDs in the office
Strip wallpaper in kitchen, figure out how to cover up the awfulness we are sure to find underneath, fix walls, find lovely red color to paint, hang pot rack, figure out best solution for awkward eating nook that functions solely as storage right now, create a landing strip for keys, bags and other ephemera
Order frames for pictures and take others to frame shop; hang
Remove heat spots from dining room table (apparently a damp washcloth and iron will do the trick)
Order Pottery Barn slipcovers for couches

Outside the house:
Cut down overgrown shrub/tree our neighbors probably curse everyday since its practically touching their house
Trim bushes in front of house
Weed iris plots in front of house
Clean garage; organize; add storage for bikes and golf clubs
Ponder adding to/or changing out the plants in the backyard
Power wash siding to remove rust stains
Re-stain deck

Home ownership, while great, also overwhelms my need to plan and check things off my list.

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