November 24, 2008

Pompeii Day 3

On the third day we took a train from Rome to Naples (lovely), then took another train from Naples to Pompeii (gross, disgusting, should have been a stand-in for early 90s depiction a Eastern European train). That train literally drops you off right in front of the gate into Pompeii.

I didn't have any huge expectations about Pompeii. I was familiar with it obviously, but I didn't know what we would see. Its really breathtaking and very thought provoking. I don't know if there is another place in the world like it. Its also heartbreaking.This is the cast of a body found during excavation. The person either couldn't get away or thought perhaps the lava would run through the streets, but not their home. The residents in Pompeii didn't have a clue as to what they were up against.

Since everything was preserved under volcanic rock, and was only discovered in more recent history, you get a crystal picture of Pompeiian life. I thought these sidewalks were so elegant. When the streets of Pompeii would flood, the residents could cross these:This was the site of an alehouse and resturant. Doesn't it remind you of an ice cream shop?Pompeii is huge (HUGE) and we barely scratched the surface with our guide. In fact, large portions of the city remain unexcavated. Everything here in solid is still under volcanic rock!Someday we will go back and see more. Again, I'm so happy we went at the time of year that we did because there were no hoards of people crowded around each site. It was easy to explore without missing out on things. It was one of our rainy days, but not for long and look what we got as a reward

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