June 5, 2009

Little Things

I have written an ode to buying used books on Amazon already, but I was so charmed by the package I received for my book group's June selection. I paid a whopping $.99 for the book (The Pact) and it arrived today, wrapped in sweet paper with a handwritten note.That there folks is the tipping point, in full effect. The seller has awesome feedback (which is the only way to judge a seller, just like eBay) and it is no wonder. I've bought no less than 15 used books from various sellers on Amazon, now I will always check mickmonroe's shop first.

1 comment:

beartifix said...

Oh sweet! Love the cover. :)
It's funny how surprised we are when we receive a hand-written note. I bought something online too, and was shocked to find a note with my purchase. More sellers need to do that.