June 5, 2009

What I Wore: Yard Sale

Its been fun listing out where my clothes are from, mainly because I'm a researching kinda lady.

dress: Karen Kane, gift from my parents
tank top: Gap
flats: Gap
necklace: Sundance, gift from grandparents

top: Old Navy
pants: Gap capris (I was considering selling at the yard sale, but they are so comfy I am keeping them)
sandals: Matisse by Coconuts
hoodoo-voodoo-chooka-chooky-choo-choo sweater: Red, purchased at Marshalls
polka dot camisole: Express
jean skirt: Old Navy
sandals: AE

top: Max Studio, purchased at Marshalls
jeans: Old Navy,
sandals: Atienne Einger
earrings: Express, you can't tell but I'm wearing these in silver
Check back later

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Jennifer said...

You better finish taking your pictures and LEAVE. :-D