June 28, 2009

Welcome Home Micky

We are now a two dog household for the next few weeks. Micky came home on Friday night and it was a weekend of puppy meeting big dog, new house, house training and playing. Micky is very sweet and loving, very good at sitting (the people we got him from did an awesome job with that), playful and easy going.

He loves to follow Gordito around and try to get him to play. Belly rubs are a favorite and he loves to eat his puppy chow. He's done lots of cute things, but right now we are mostly working on going potty in the yard and sleeping/laying down in his kennel.

Gordito is adjusting and by day three, only wants to go outside if Micky is coming too. He's being (somewhat) generous with his toys, but not a big fan of Micky drinking his water or trying to get his toys when he has them in his mouth. On Saturday night he got very concerned when Micky's paw got stuck in the door, which was very sweet.

Dogs are so fun and having Gordito this year has been such a blessing, as well as a source of laughter and happiness.

We couldn't be more excited to have him join our family.


beartifix said...

What a cutie! So is Gordito your dog? I got the impression that you've just been watching him.

MsAmanda said...

Gordito is my sister-in-law's dog. they have been in London for my brother-in-law's work since August 2008. They are coming back next month and we ended up getting a new puppy a little earlier than planned:)

camby said...

Cute! Watch out Micky! Here come Claire and Parker...