June 26, 2009

What I Wore: It Is HOT

Since we essentially have had no real summer so far, this week has been a kick in the pants. Its been really, really hot. So hot we left Gordito inside during the work day from Monday-Weds.dress: Old Navy
cardigan: target
camisole: Gap
shoes: Madeline Stuart, made their way to me from my mom, via one of her coworkers whose feet were not as narrow as mine.

I can't figure out how to pose with wide leg pants, but this was a cute outfit!

top: Gap Outlet
hip slung pants: Gap
sandals: Coconuts

white tee, camisole and skirt: Target
necklace: Patina
sandals: AE
This picture illustrates my week. Tiring.

cotton tank: Old Navy
cardigan: Target
jeans: Gap
sandals: Nickels

Yay, it is finally Friday

top: Marshalls
jeans: Gap
sandals: American Eagle

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