August 31, 2009

New Micky Pics

Micky Mick is almost five months old. And very much a puppy. He's an excellent retriever and loves to play fetch. He is a big fan of chewing, eating, walking, running and laying on you while he chews.

His most recent fascination is shoes. Since the day we brought him home, we have kept our shoes in a metal tub above his reach. At least is was above his reach until very recently. Now anytime he manages to find a shoe (my suspicion is he is jumping up and grabbing them out of the tub), he brings it over to us to see. So nice of him. So far we've been able to get them away from him in time, but I think his interest in shoes will be here for awhile.

Some pictures of us (him) playing outside yesterday.

We see you.


beartifix said...

Oh, he is SO cute! Wally also loves shoes. But he never chews on them or anything, just carries them around till they are all strewn around the house. He has also figured out how to lift the lid of the hamper to get to Jeff's socks. He LOVES Jeff's dirty socks. Doggies are weird.

Jennifer said...

I think he looks so grown up already.