August 27, 2009

Wall Mounted Bedside Table

Now that summer is starting to wind down, I've been starting to plan for/think about/ruminate on our bedroom. Its time. It needs to get painted, organized, curtained and decorated in general.

One of the things I have wanted to do since moving in is create a wall mounted bedside table. Our bedroom is large enough, but with two windows and two closets, one of which is built into the gable portion of the roof, there is really only one place to put the bed. Unless I wanted to curtain off one of the windows and place the bed in front of it, but isn't that bad feng shui? The placement of the bed is still relatively narrow, so I think a wall mounted table (at least on my side of the bed) is the right use of space.

I don't care so much about using vintage brackets, but this tutorial on This Old House is just what I'm going for.

Photos from here.

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