September 18, 2009

Friday! Yay!

Still no picture saving going on round here. But let me tell you friends, I am excited about the weekend.

We are off to Iowa City for the Iowa/Arizona game. This is going to be a nutty one. Its non-conference, but still a big deal. Even bigger deal is the 2:30 game time. Gives everyone more time to get into a festive mood. Its also one of the last game guaranteed you can be safe wearing shorts and/or short-sleeves. I myself purchased these Lady Gaga/Max Hedroom inspired shades. I would have preferred these, but they didn't have any yellow ones in store.

Want some food related links? Tailgating means making sure your sweet and salty needs are satiated.

I don't like tuna normally, but this baguette sounds awesome
Eat this, not that
Easy chocolate croissants

Happy weekend!

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