September 28, 2009

Hello Fall, Watcha Doin?

Though I realize the first official day of fall was last week, I just started feeling it for real when I woke up to cold temps this morning. Perfect for snuggling under the covers until you really have to get up.

We had a perfectly delicious fall weekend. Friday night's concert was fantastic, though my dogs were barking by the end of the night.

This was the creepiest part for me. A mid 30s-ish guy and a middle school age kid wearing the EXACT same outfit from head to toe. Same boots, same pants, same hoodie tied around their waist, same Joker t-shirt (sorry, didn't get a shot from the front).

Trying to get your picture taken by comprised individuals, priceless.

We were pretty close, but there were still enough tall dudes I had to bob and weave at certain points. We stood next to three old hippie peeps who were total nazis about people going to the bathroom etc. Maybe if you can't handle the flow of traffic at an outdoor concert where there are bathrooms and beer tents on the field, you should get a seat. I'm just sayin.

Other than that we enjoyed a crazy stressful win over Penn State on Saturday night and hung around the house catching up on shows and reading. A perfect fall weekend.

The only thing that would have made it better is if I'd gotten around to cooking with the MacIntosh apples I found last week. Hands down, they are the best apple around, but since they don't grow in the Midwest, they are usually pretty mealy by the time they make to these parts. Oh well, if I can't eat them, I'll bake with them. This apple cake is the bomb and it actually calls for MacIntosh. Yum! Picture from here.

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