September 11, 2009

Why I Blog

Ena changed her blog layout, which was something I’ve been thinking about doing. So I did. Anyway, changing the layout made me evaluate what I’m doing with my blog. Is it doing what I intend?

This is the place where I share ideas, anecdotes, stuff to admire, pose questions and my ideas.

There is a pretty liberal amount of mooning over clothes, jewelry and other things I likely won’t buy. Home decorating ideas. Some personal stuff re: travel, husband and DOG. Sometimes I post pictures of my outfits, sometimes I don’t.

I’m torn over the idea of twittering just so I can have more frequent musings posted here, without taking time to grab photos, etc. for a proper post. But I kind of hate twitter. In fact, I created and deleted an account within the span of 24 hours. But I might reopen it. I don’t know.

While I’m not embarrassed about my blog, I don’t talk about it too much in real life. It does post into Facebook – is that how you are reading this? I like when people tell me they liked something they saw on my blog, but I do realize it is all a bit silly. Wish I hadn’t used my (maiden) name as the web address, its something I would probably change that if I had thought harder about it when I created this.

Never talk about work (I write, for a living, for a big company) because that is just stupid. Also, not interesting. I am not crafty, rather an admirer and purchaser of other people's craftiness.

Love, love, love to share and get information. I like to know things. Inquisitive=me. I like social networking, blogging, etc. because of how it connects people and our experiences, but I realize a LARGE portion of my family and friends don’t feel the same way. While I am a social media content generator, most people in my life are spectators and joiners.

That seems like a sufficient explanation about why I blog, no?

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beartifix said...

I feel the same way about my blog sometimes. It's frustrating when I have to direct people to my blog to see pictures or to find out how my day was. They should be reading it religiously, EVERY DAY! Just like I read the blogs I follow (which includes your blog).
I feel like I've gotten to know you so much better by just following your posts.
Oh, and I HATE Twitter. I have an account but only so I can read other people's tweets. I get so confused on there. Yuck!