September 10, 2009

Grrr! Busted Stuff

What happens when you buy a brand-new, fancy schmancy computer? The hard drive dies 9 months later of course!

After all kinds of research, as well as personal input from family and friends, we decided to go with a Dell because we'd heard so much good stuff about their service and products. This is no Dooce washing machine issue, but still frustrating that a brand new computer just up and died plus it took Anthony four hours, as well as countless hangups and redirects to get someone to help him. Keep your fingers crossed that all of our important stuff is still out there somewhere.

So until we are up and running again, my posts will be sans images to illustrate my thoughts and observations. Got a topic you think I should cover? Elastic pants? People who dress like circus performers? Glee? Salad Bars? Let me know.

Meanwhile, how cute are these cropped cords from Gap? I'm really liking the gelded gold ones. Did you know cords are up to 15% off right now? Loving this black wrap dress and all the jewelry in Crystal B.'s shop.

Hmmm...what else? I enjoyed this article yesterday about a local tomato grower. I just listened to The Cruelty of Children podcast, which reminded me how much I love to hear David Sedaris read his stories. Getting read to settle into The Help for September's book club.

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beartifix said...

Sorry to hear you are having computer problems. That's why I adore my Mac computers (I have both a desktop that is 5 years old and runs wonderfully, plus my new laptop). Never had one problem with either. (Great, I probably jinxed myself and will come home to two broken computers).

Oh, I adore This American Life podcasts! I also just rented the second season DVD on Netflix.