September 9, 2009

Can I Get a What, What?

So....last night I went to complete my pre-bed routine (Facebook and Google reader perusing, which sometimes gives me crazy dreams) and our computer was acting all funky and shut down. It is a new computer, so hopefully Anthony can get it all fixed up and running.

I didn't want to break my streak of weekly blogging and I can't upload photos, so here's a little weekend recap, plus some of the things I've been enjoying of late.

Saturday we kicked off the Iowa football season with brother-in-laws, cheddar brats, bloody marys and a mind-blowing, heart attack-inducing game vs. UNI. Story and photos. Micky spent the game in bliss, playing and wrestling with his cousin Kenna at my brother's house. From there, we drove to my parents house in Southeastern Missouri, a rather uneventful drive if you don't count Micky's refusal to go to the bathroom and the stubborn, rainy 25 minutes it took to get him to go. PS Micky, I win, not you.

We spent the rest of the weekend eating, hanging out and watching three dogs under the age of two play, swim, run and wrestle. I read Piano Girl: Lessons in Life, Music, and the Perfect Blue Hawaiian, which was a fun and quick read by a professional cocktail lounge pianist. I also read the book my cousin Rebbecca wrote (um...she's 16). Very impressive, good wordplay and descriptions. I'm working on my notes to give her--which makes me feel like I'm back in school.

On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's for some tasty treats (chocolate covered blueberries, sauces, soup, yummy bread). When are we going to get a Trader Joe's in Des Moines? Come on, we are ready. I know we are. I can feel it. We also came home with a bunch of tomatoes, so I'll be making BLTs, fresh tomato sauce and tomatoes with cottage cheese this week. YUM!

Hmm, what else? Some blogs I've been digging lately:

Urban Grace Interiors
Little Green Notebook
Darling Dexter

My book club is trying to figure out our next three books. These are the ones we are voting on.

Non fiction
My Life in France, Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme
Look Me in the Eye, John Elder Robison
Monster of Florence, Doug Preston
The World Withouth Us, Alan Weisman

So Long at the Fair, Christina Schwartz
The Weight of Silence, Heather Gudenkauf
The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Muriel Barbery
Sarah's Key, Tatiana de Rosnay
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strout

I'm ready for a weekend at home. I need to take stock of some house projects, cleaning, etc. I'm not currently experiencing any deep philosophical quandaries or probing problematic psychological issues.

Life is good. Except when the computer isn't working.


John Elder Robison said...

If you end up reading my book I'll be glad to join the discussion. Just let me know at

beartifix said...

Wow! Well, this pretty much decides for me which book we should be reading. No?

John Elder Robison said...

Lots of schools and book groups read Look Me in the Eye, and I try and join them whenever I can.

Almost everyone seems to be touched by the stories, and autism is everywhere, even if you don't know it. I can guarantee that each of you will recognize someone in your own life in what you read.

And lots of people like my stories of Pink Floyd, KISS and rock'n'roll life.