November 4, 2009

Storing Recipes

These upcyled recipe card boxes are super cute. Photo and more info here.

I don't have room on my counters for one, and truthfully I don't have too many recipes on index cards. Instead, I use a complicated and not all together effective system.

New recipes from friends, the internet, magazines, etc., go here until they have been tried. If I don't like the recipe I toss it and if I'm on the fence, I put it back in the folder.

If the recipe is a go, I file it in one of these.

Then when I'm cooking I use a super strong magnet to hold the recipe(s) on the hood of the stove.

I do have one of these from Pottery Barn (they don't sell or make them anymore), maybe it would work for keeping recipes sorted. But, I'd have to find the space to hang it--its big!

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