November 3, 2009

Yo Pajama, Pajama

Over the last few years I have really come to love classic pajamas. Great for lounging around the house, I especially like wearing them when I'm a guest at other people's houses because I know I'm guaranteed to be warm and cozy when I get up to drink coffee in the morning or want to hang in PJs for awhile.

My pair is from the Target sale rack and I may have paid $15 to 20 for the top and bottom. I've been looking for a new pair and I can't believe how expensive they are!

All of these from range between $50 and $140, with most in the higher range. So cute, but so spendy! Where can a girl get a pair of cute cotton classic pajamas with a nice pattern and decent price tag? No flannel, no cartoon characters, no solid colors, no ruffles or sets with a tank top and pants. No holiday prints, no fleece. If I can get a pair of cute cotton pajama pants at Old Navy for $6 on clearance, why can't I find some good jammie jams?

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