December 15, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea #14

This gift idea doesn't cost any money, but you could choose to express it in gift form. All I am saying is give peace a chance. Give peace as a gift. Give it to yourself or someone else.

On Sunday I saw the best bumper sticker. As annoyed and frustrated as I was with people (my fault for going holiday shopping on a Sunday and having to deal with no parking spots, men standing around clogging up the walking areas while waiting for their wives and 10 foot deep groups of teenagers who didn't care that I had SHOPPING to do!), it reminded me that we are all busy, human and in need of love. Even the guy who drove half on the median and within 2 inches of my car to get past me into the blocked turning lane into the mall.

The bumper sticker said:

image from CafePress

So true, right? All I'm saying is the hate is such a strong and wasted emotion. What the heck does hating get you? Nothing but emptiness inside and a lost friend, family member or opportunity. Hate and anger make it easy to focus on the person or act, instead of the emotion and what you need to do to rectify it.

So give peace a chance. Forgive someone (you don't have to forget it, but you can't hold it over their head). Forgive yourself and be free from that awful niggling feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. Apologize, even if its hard to do. Don't blame yourself for other people's bad doings unto you, it isn't about you, its about them. Listen and give peace to someone who is struggling with a problem. Make peace with your past, because you can't change it and regret will only keep you from moving forward. Do what feels right in your heart and you will find peace in making yourself happy.

Okay, it got kind of deep in here real quick. But, the holidays are time to love. If you don't want to go all existential and what not, you can give peace this way:

Peace pillow

Peace mugs

Eco-friendly ornaments

Peace bracelet

Peace word magnets

Peace onesie

Peace letterpress cards

The best way I know to give peace, to myself and others, is just to let me be me and them be them. Recognize differences, and when the going gets tough, I look to understand why the person is acting that way. I don't drink no haterade.

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beartifix said...

Very inspiring. Thanks for those positive thoughts on a very frustrating morning. :D