December 16, 2009

This Week in Yaays and Boooos


Stephanie Nielson: Plane crash survivor regains hope

If you read other blogs or happened to catch Stephanie Nielson's story on the Today show, Oprah or any other number of media outlets, then you know the tale of tragedy and triumph she and her family have gone through after a plane crash in August 2008. Even if you don't know the story, you won't want to miss this 10 part series done by the Arizona Republic. Eye opening, truthful and inspiring. Photo from Arizona Republic.

Fun Christmas tree alternatives from Apartment Therapy

Fun grocery store stocking ideas from Marta Writes. Photo from

Dunton Hot Springs, a ghost town turned into a resort. Stay there yourself, or you and your 41 closest friends can rent the whole town! Found via Cup of Jo.

New ski gear! Picked up some Under Armour ColdGear Base Layer 2.o leggings for skiing. So warm! But my personal favorite are my new North Face Montana mitts--kid size. My hands are small enough to fit youth sizing, which are $20 cheaper of course!

Awesome, awesome clothing deals from 6 p.m., found on their twitter page. Awesome.


Sinclair Broadcasting Group vs. Mediacom Communications dispute may keep Iowans from seeing the Hawks play Georgia Tech in Orange Bowl.

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