December 10, 2009

Non-Book Club Recap

I **think** these are all of the non-book club selections I read in 2009.

Bridge of Sighs D
Ugh! As I said in my other recap, I really like Richard Russo. Empire Falls was great and Straight Man was really funny. This book was god-awful. Sad, depressing and none of the characters are redeemed. Parallel story lines that never converged. Waste of time and $$.

Escape A
Last January I saw Carolyn Jessop speak and after hearing the small amount I did, I knew I wanted to read her memoir. Its a courageous and eye-opening story.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle A-
As a dog lover, I was entranced with this story and Edgar's relationship with his dogs. It was a compelling story and I stayed up late reading it. I enjoyed it a lot, save parts of the last 3/4ths of the book. It fell apart in some places and was definitely different than they first part of the book, but overall I liked it very much and could see myself reading it again.

The 19th Wife A-
What can I say, the topic intrigues me. Another book that toggles back and forth between past and present, with some reimagined historical fiction.

Whitethorn Woods n/a
Let's face it, Maeve Binchy's books are quick and easy reads. I always enjoy them. I picked this one up in Logan Airport because I'd finished all the books I'd brought on my trip. Her books are perfect for that kind of situation: tired, ready to go home from vacation, don't need to think too much.

The Art of Racing in the Rain A
I loved this story. Simple as that.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies A
My favorite book with zombies + a sly, flirty and funny elevation of Elizabeth Bennet's awesomeness. And funny, so funny.

This Charming Man A-
Marian Keyes falls into a similar category as Maeve Binchy: Irish and chick lit-ish. However, each new book she writes takes gives the reader a little more to chew on than just "oh, boys, jobs, clothes, oh me, oh my." Another book I couldn't put down and stayed up late reading.

My Life in France A (still reading)
I'm pretty sure everyone who saw Julie & Julia has read this book in 2009. Wonderful. Julia Child is an inspiration. Beware, reading this books can make you hungry and want to move to France.

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Jillian Frances said...

I will definitely check out some of these books based on your comments. I totally agree about Edgar Sawtelle, btw. I didn't know there was a new Maeve Binchy...thought she retired for some reason.