January 21, 2010

This Week in Yaaays and Boooos


I have a thing, a major thing, for couches facing each other. Like two friends talking together, all natural and relaxed like. I can see lots of wine (in very sturdy glasses of course) + gabbing, plus steaming cups of tea and snuggling up under a blanket to read or daydream. Photo from Desire to Inspire.

Fun blogger/designer Overstock roundup from I Suwanee. This is just one of the lists. So many treasures abound on Overstock, aren't you glad someone did the looking for you? Photo from I Suwanee.

Dogs will drink water out of anything, including your hand, a champagne bucket, a puddle or bottle cap, so while I don't think a clamshell water bowl is necessary, I just loved the picture of the dog drinking from the faucet. Because dogs are all about economy of time. Need water? Why wait for the clamshell to fill? If I drink it from the faucet, then you can throw the ball for me. Photo from Apartment Therapy.

Faux Moto Jacket from Forever 21. I say: I want you, I need you, I got to have you.


ICE STORM! Photo from Des Moines Register.

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