February 12, 2010

What I Made This Week

I fought the grocery store so hard this week, in fact I still haven't made my big run, just a quick stop at Gateway Market (where I paid $7 for locally made cream--ouf!).

Monday-Potato soup with bacon and Velveeta (the only time I buy Velveeta). Perfect for a snowy day.
Tuesday-Pan fried pork chop, Avgolemono soup and carrots
Thursday-Lemon fusilli, panko and parmesan chicken breast, salad and garlic bread

My new recipe for the week is one of my list items. On Saturday night I'm making the Barefoot Contessa lemon and garlic roast chicken. Should be good I think.

Baking I've had this recipe flagged forever. Smitten Kitchen's salted brown butter crispy treats. They are freaking amazing. The catering company at my work has a rice cripy treat that has had me fairly well hypnotized since I discovered them. These are very similar, salty and sweet, with lots of marshmallow goodness.

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