March 8, 2010

Good Face Lotion for Combo Skin?

Can we hold up for a moment to talk about face lotion?

This winter has wreaked havoc on my normally problem free face. After a facial in January when the esthetician remarked how dry my skin was, I realized I needed something to make up for all the moisture lost to cold, dreary, dry winter days.

For about 10 years or so, this had been my routine for my t-zone situation and red/ruddy cheeks. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion, SPF-15 + Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. In addition to a few face masks here and there, this combo has served my purposes well.

Last year I added night creme, since I was creeping up on the big 3-0 and I figured that seemed like the time to start using it, right? I like both the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment and Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme, but the Olay lotion smells the best so I use that one a bit more.
So, in an effort to find something more hydrating that would keep me from feeling like I had no lotion on my face by about 10 in the morning (specifically around my cheeks), I purchased three new face lotions over the course of about two weeks.

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Crème was the first one and while I liked how my skin felt, it smelled like a flower shop and I wasn't sad when it got left behind at a airport security checkpoint in early February. So to replace that, I bought Aveeno Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 AND Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion, SPF 15.
The Eucerin lotion is a bit weird (it is green to counteract the redness in my cheeks) and greasy, so I've been using the Aveeno lotion. But, it isn't quite enough to combat the dry tight feeling I get in my cheeks some days, so I've been adding a layer of the Eucerin night creme to my cheeks.

So, in essence, HELP! I need something with SPF and works for combo skin. I think once the weather warms up and there is more moisture in the air, I can go back to my regular routine but I need a winter remedy, STAT!


Jennifer said...

This doesn't have SPF, but it works for me when my face is dried out from the winter cold and my regular daytime moisturizer doesn't cut it. Regular Aveeno body lotion. It's nourishing and it heals without being greasy.

mrsstoney said...

okay, since i have spent the entirety of my adult life searching for SOMETHING that will moisturize my indescribably dry, flaky, cracked, sandpaper skin, i feel as though i can comment on your dilemma. i use aveeno skin brightening scrub and purpose cleansing wash in the shower. then i use aveeno positively radiant spf15 moisturizing lotion on my face with a little ponds cold cream. the cold cream leans on the greasy side so you really only need a very small amount. you will smell vaguely like a grandma but it is worth it. i also use the aveeno wash pads at night and then the olay night cream. if it is super cold and dry i use the ponds cold cream at night. i have researched this and for sensitive skin (which i have and am currently researching a skin-ectomy) multiple sources claim ponds cold cream is the way to go. i think you would only need the regular formula because the extra-dry formula is almost like can just wipe it off with a damp cloth. also, since i switched to the purpose cleansing wash my skin has been way less dry. i also just started using the olay total effects 7-in-1 body wash and it is fantastic. then i slather on a gallon of curel extra-sensitive skin body lotion. i can go on about how the next step i take is dipping myself in a vat of crisco and then wrapping my body in saran wrap but i don't think you want to hear about that :) good luck! it was 55 degrees is sunny sutton today!

mrsstoney said...

p.s. i heard that water is kryptonite to your face. but i am not really sure how to avoid getting my face wet in the shower. also, you need to use water to clean it, right?