March 18, 2010

This Week in Yays and Boos


Tiny wallpapered bathrooms. Hate wallpaper in full baths (or at least ours with its poor ventilation and wallpaper rolling up at the corners). From AT.

Mini camp stove with oven. So ridiculous, but also very cute. Also from AT (buy yours at Costco today!).

Echo bedding. Never heard of or seen this brand, but cute, cute, cute. From Amazon.

L.L. Bean Signature. I will never hide my love for L.L. Bean. Growing up in the Northeast will do that to some folks. Love the new line, whole new updated look.

Clark T-strap Thong sandal. Kind of perfect for this summer, good price point too. From Garnet Hill.


I kind of feel like I've been striking out with a lot of my new recipes. 1) I'm making things too similiar to great recipes I already have 2) I've been relying more on recipes found online than my cookbooks. Back to the books I guess.

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