May 28, 2010


Sunday-Flying Mango leftovers, salad w/greens from the farmers market and strawberries, dilled potato and pickled cucumber salad (NR)

Unbelievably tasty potato salad. Worth the 24 hours to pickle the cucumbers. I might add a few hard boiled eggs next time and do something else about the onions. Make it if you like dill and amazing potato salad.

Wednesday-Brats, favorite pasta salad and I made some chicken burgers w/Greek yogurt, panko breadcrumbs and Worcestershire (NR), but ended up freezing them to try another time.

It was our anniversary, so we finished the meal with the last of our wedding cake. Surprisingly, this is the third year we've had some of our wedding cake on our anniversary. Its been wrapped up really, really well. Lots of plastic wrap, foil and in a cardboard box with tissue paper.

We're home this weekend (a shocker for us on a holiday weekend) and I'm planning on making lemon bars for my new baking recipe. Other than that, we'll see!

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