May 27, 2010

This Week in Yays and One Boo

This week started off as a bit of a boo. I was physically drained from gardening and emotionally drained from the LOST finale. My boo is sort of a yay.

Boo LOST is over, but yay from this pic from Jorge Garcia. Everyone loves Hugo!
Yay to garden books, kitchen nooks and a tote bag that may require a second look.

Ena suggested the book You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail as a good guide to gardening. It has become my bible in the last few weeks. It isn't overly technical, but it explains the things you need to know about prepping the ground, fertilizer, pests, diseases and good advice for planning your garden. Simple advice from someone who has gardened in small spaces in NYC and had success. There's also a community website, but I'm not at that point yet!
This state-by-state food tote from melangerienyc (found via The Kitchn) is fun, if a little dubious. Of the states I've lived in, they seem pretty close/right. Iowa is corn (duh) Montana is huckleberries (right on), New Hampshire is corn chowder (I wasn't so sure about that but I have nothing to refute it), Massachusetts is baked beans and Minnesota is morel mushrooms. Some other states get a much worse rap. Nebraska is buffets!
I love this kitchen nook found via Darling Dexter!!!

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beartifix said...

Glad you are enjoying the book. Gayla also has a blog with the same name if you haven't checked it out yet.