August 27, 2010


New food was not a priority leading up to vacation and being on vacation, so I tried to make up for it this week. Our tomato bounty was serious upon arrival home:

Sunday-Pasta all checca with tomatoes and basil from our garden (NR) and salad. Very flavorful and while I love a fresh tomato sauce, this one is not cooked and I prefer a sauce that has been cooked/heated.

Monday-Venison loin leftover from our trip (we had coolers), eggs baked in tomatoes and peppers (NR). I did not love this recipe. Texture and flavor left something to be desired.

Wednesday-crab cakes, fingerling potatoes and tomato, corn and avocado salad (NR). Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I subbed cut up larger tomatoes for the cherry tomatoes and loved this dish. Fresh, light and the lime juice dressing was delicious!

I haven't gotten to baking yet, but I've got plans to make a few things this weekend and freeze them for tailgating. These are a few on my list.

Homemade cinnamon bread
Everyday chocolate cake
Salted butter chocolate chip cookies

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camby said...

i made the tomato, corn and avocado salad last night and we loved it!

I've made this one too which is super simple and good.