August 26, 2010

This Week in Yays

Lots of goodies, especially since some are super chill zen inspired things I starred while on vacation.

Things Organized Neatly!!!!!! Be still my heart. Finding this website made my day, week, month and year. Looking at these pictures quiets everything in my head and make me so happy. I AM OBSESSED WITH THINGS ORGANIZED NEATLY. Found via AT.

Good words and articles found via Abbey Goes Design Scouting.

Living in Big via Design*Sponge. I watched this recently (I think its been on HBO lately) and it was such a blast from my childhood past.

Pressed flower madonnas via Pure Style Home. Never heard of them before, but reminded me of when I used to press flowers between sheets of wax paper with an iron and give them as gifts. Read the sweet post for summer nostalgia. Wouldn't take much to make one: flowers, leaves and some glass ready for the recycling bin.

Getting out of a rut via Marta Writes How to Series. I say go on vacation, but this post had some other encouraging ideas.

Last but not least, a yay and nay wrapped up into one. I think this stowaway tub is great for organization purposes, but I wouldn't love being able to see the handles and drawers. What thinks you? Found via AT.

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Jennifer said...

I like that tub. That kind of smart small-space living makes me happy.