September 23, 2010

Happy Weekend, One Day Early

Food wise I've been feeling tired more than inspired.

Mini meatloaves
Grilled cheese with muenster and apples (NR)
Apple bars (NR)

Micky is having an adventure this weekend. His first time to the kennel. In his short life, he's always stayed with family or friends. Now he's going to the Downtown Doggie Daycare for a few days. Lots of play time for our social pup (they have streaming video of the dogs playing, so I know for a fact.)

Here he is in classic Micky morning mode. His favorite thing to do is either sleep leaning against the computer chair in the office or use it as leverage for his toys. He's extremely pleased he's been let upstairs on a regular basis.

Happy weekend, one day early.

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beartifix said...

He is such a cute pup!