October 29, 2010

Cool Weather Food

Finally, a week with some real home cooking.

Sunday-Roasted tomato soup and cheese fingers (new recipe). I'd never heard of cheese fingers until I saw on the recipe online recently. Essentially make toast (I toasted ciabatta rolls in the oven), spread with butter or mustard (team mustard), top with cheese and broil. Cut into long strips if made from bread. Delicious!

Tuesday-Swedish meatballs, the best acorn squash I've had in forever, and mixed greens with onions and and a red anjou pear. YUM.

Wednesday-White chicken chili

Thursday-I think this meal will stick in my mind for awhile. On Thursday our niece and nephews were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their sibling. The youngest had very specific ideas about what he and his siblings would and wouldn't eat for dinner, and even though he told me he liked chicken earlier in the day, he just didn't want any by the time dinner rolled around.

All three of them, plus their Aunt Amanda and Uncle Anthony, mowed down chicken Parmesan with rotini, spaghetti sauce, cooked carrots and apples. And guess who had seconds?

Just before I headed to the store on Sunday, Anthony asked if I'd make a pumpkin pie. I did and while it was great to have one, it was a tad bit salty. I'd followed the recipe from a double can of pumpkin and while I was careful to halve most of the ingredients, I forgot on the salt. Salt pie, anyone?

I made the whipped cream using heavy cream from Sheeders. Best whipped cream ever. Took less than a minute to whip.

Yesterday I made this pumpkin bread with brown butter frosting (NR), except I didn't get around to the frosting since we went to the hospital to see the new baby. I haven't made this recipe before, but I've eaten it and it the best pumpkin bread I've ever had.


Jennifer said...

Is the baby a boy or a girl? You know, this reminds me that there is something kind of fun and special about keeping the sex of the baby secret until he/she is born.

camby said...

congrats on the new niece or nephew! how fun.

the cheese fingers make me think of rosa's cheese bread. mmmmm.