October 27, 2010

Yay for Pears, Des Moines Groupon and Day Beds

So Groupon has been around for awhile and now it has finally made its way to Des Moines. Yesterday was the first local deal: $25 worth of food at Royal Mile for $10. 1,009 people bought it, way to be Des Moines!

Groupon works on the power of group purchasing. For a deal to be viable, enough people need to purchase it. The more you share the deals = the more people purchase them and the better for you. Here's an article from the Des Moines Register.

Speaking of vittles, last night we had a salad with a red anjou pear in it. Oh me, oh my. I'm not a big pear person (mealy texture) but it looked so good at the store. I'm won over. Delicious.

Picture from here.
I love daybeds. I know just the place for one in our living room. Here's a roundup from AT.

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