December 20, 2010

Movie Weekend

A typical year for us goes like this: Jan-April/May, home quite a bit with some travel here and there. May-November, travel a lot. December, less travel but making up for seven months worth of being gone for at least part of each weekend. This was my third weekend at home in a row and Anthony's second. Big sigh of relief.

Saturday was one of those cold and sunny winter days. Personally, I love days like that. Micky and I went to the school at the end of our street to play fetch. We do this quite a bit, but hadn't since it had snowed. I tried my hardest to get a shot of both of us.

But he was way too focused on the ball I had in my hand. I wanted a picture of the snow face he gets when he plays fetch outside. His eyebrows get covered, as well as his whiskers and nose.

The light was perfect-o.

I was jammin', man.

Besides doing some baking and last minute shopping (ugh, Target was the absolute worst on Saturday afternoon. Seriously people, do you think about Christmas shopping at all during the rest of the month? Why do you have to shop in groups of four? I realize you think walking slowly and contemplating everything is a delightful way to shop, but I actually had stuff to do), we watched a few good movies.

I watched The Kids Are All Right by myself. I liked it. Well done.

I loved Pirate Radio for many reasons: British humor, excellent music, fun premise and it is essentially a campy cousin to one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous.

Lastly, we went to the see The Fighter with friends on Saturday night. I didn't have any expectations and if anything, I thought it would be more sad/heartbreaking than it was. It was really good. Much more about family dynamics than the actual boxing. Also, the sisters (see above) are a riot. A truer Beantown depiction than many movies made recently.

Pictures from here.

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