January 7, 2011


Considering we've been gone for the last two weeks and I haven't really gone to the grocery store, there wasn't much cooking here.

Tuesday-Key lime and ginger mustard chicken, lemon garlic orzo from Peppardelle's Pasta and sauteed spinach. I can see how the recipe included in the orzo package would have been amazing (farmer's market orzo pasta salad with fresh veggies and herbs); the orzo was a little much for this meal.

This weekend I'm making lemon chicken soup with spaghetti for my new recipe. I also got some good new soup recipes from friends and family this week, so I'm looking forward to trying them out.

One of my favorite apps on my phone is Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. It has lots of good, fairly simple recipes as well as variations he suggests. I love Mark Bittman's no nonsense kind of cooking. And the recipes are rated, of course.

My other lifesaver these days are these Litehouse freeze dried herbs. So worth it if you have the space.

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