January 7, 2011

Granola/Protein Bar Round-up

So I should be honest, part of my being a better snacker intention is fueled by the 10-week class I'm taking at Kosama. I've known for quite some time I could, and should, be eating better for more energy and stamina. The reality of working out six days a week, five of them pretty intensely, is making me act upon that knowledge. Imagine that!

One of the things that's easy and I like is granola bars. I've been pretty constant with my two favorites.

The Nature Valley ones, coincidentally the ones I eat most mornings, don't have nearly enough good stuff like protein, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I bought a whole bunch of different ones to try. Its been like a bar crawl, but with a different kind of bar.

The winners so far.

First of all OMG, why didn't I start eating Larabars sooner? One whole serving of fruit and only a few ingredients. Yum. Must find the key lime pie ones.

I love Luna Bars, so who'd be surprised I like these. I've only had the chocolate peanut butter ones so far, but delish.

Chocolate caramel go lean crunchy, yum, yum. Really satisfying and I liked the popcorn bits. Yum, that's all I can say. And major props to Kashi for having a comment section for their products. That's a company who gets their customers. People like to know what others think, good or bad. Duh!

Anything else I should try? While I love the taste of Fiber One bars, I don't think they will work for me.

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