January 31, 2011

How to Book a Mud Bath Spa Experience

This is the 30 day precipitation outlook for our area, which starts with a big storm brewing tonight. Micky will be happy to have fresh snow to jump in. I'm focusing my attention on my trip to California instead. Last week I booked the spa portion of the trip. This is how to book at mud bath experience.

Fall Decide you are going to Napa Valley with girlfriends. Mention a real and true desire to visit Calistoga, for you have heard about their hot springs, which remind you of Chico Hot Springs. Do some cursory searching and find out the hot spring spa experience in Calistoga includes mud baths and mineral baths. Cool.

Late fall, early winter Look at the various spa options, compare pricing. Celebrate the holidays, etc. etc.

Book tickets for trip.
Make hotel reservations.
Compile pricing for delightful, wonderful spa experience.
Make recommendations to group.
Get ready to pick a spa.
Begin reading reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor.

Realize this is not a solo, experience in which you privately enjoy the sensation of relaxation, hot mud and a massage. Ya'll are naked as the day you were born...with a friend. Hem, haw, send e-mails, read the step by step of how it works, which you missed beforehand.

Read more reviews.
Book mud bath spa experience at Golden Haven Hot Springs.
Think about it every day until you leave for vacation.

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