January 14, 2011

Nutrition is not Rocket Science

But damn if it doesn't feel like it sometimes. Week two of better snacking + more healthful eating + working out 6 days of week means I've been spending a lot of time pondering my whole day's worth of eating.

Looking back at some of my eating habits, I can really see how I was hurting myself (and my waistline) by not providing myself with enough fuel (hello, a bagel and cream cheese for dinner when you haven't eaten super-awesomely that day just doesn't cut it), as well as not really thinking about all the little things I was eating. Its not rocket science, but in 2011 I've at least signed up for the entry level course.

While tracking my meals has helped, along with using a customized food pyramid plan, the thing that makes it easy to eat right is how I grew up. My mom always made sure our meals were square, full of protein, vegetables and carbs. Lots of salad, not lots of junk food. Thanks Mom!

This week's food. It hasn't been creative, but at least its on the table.

Sunday-chicken soup and salad
Monday-Pork chops and rice, steamed broccoli (I put in extra tomatoes this time and switched the white rice for brown rice)
Wednesday-Mini meatloaves, oven roasted potatoes and broccoli
Thursday-cold meatloaf sandwiches and sauteed spinach

When I don't make dinner I've been eating cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, a turkey sandwich on wheat, raw carrots, etc.

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