January 12, 2011

Yay for Star Wars Art, Sweaters and Muscle Ease Mist

One of my new favorite things is Muscle Ease Mist. I bought it from Prairieland Herbs, but you can find it online at other places. Minty-fresh, herbal muscle relaxation.

How great are these minimalist Star Wars posters? I would hold them like I did on the shores of Naboo. Artist is Justin Van Genderen and I found them via here.

Here is this year's I wear it all the time, love it sweater from Urban Outfitters. Now on sale for $19.99.

Also found on UO's site: this ridiculous Budweiser sweater for $79. The whole point of old school, ironic stuff like this is that they actually be old school. Like you found it in a relative's basement or at Goodwill. Not full price. I mean come on, its ugly!

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Liz Stanley said...

Those posters are great! Thanks for the recipe you posted on my blog ;)