February 10, 2011

Boo Sad Friday Night Lights, Yay San Francisco Food

Am prodigiously exhausted from the above. Photo from here.

Very, very sad about Friday Night Lights ending (we are holding on to last night's finale for a bit longer.) Photo from here.

One of my favorite bloggers posted her top 10 San Francisco eats, including all the good food at the Ferry Building. Am excited for Cowgirl Creamery cheese like the Mt. Tam above. So, so, so good. I can't find it in Des Moines, so I'm going to pig out next month.


Jillian Frances said...

Ooh, you're going to San Francisco. My two favorite restaurants in the city are Fresca on Fillmore Street. It's Peruvian. And, if you like sushi, Sushi Bistro on Richmond St. Sushi Bistro is absolutely amazing, and the chef is so nice. I think he has another location now too. I have been thinking about making the trip just to eat there!

Jillian Frances said...

Also, I had great experiences at the Slanted Door which is now in the Ferry Building but is probably more touristy than the other two.