February 25, 2011

Weekly Meals and Bacon Fest

Sunday-herb roasted whole chicken with potatoes and salad. I stumbled onto a good time save last week. In an effort to get the last bit of life out of some cherry tomatoes, I chopped them up, along with some mini cucumbers and Greek olives and added them to a clamshell (made of recycled plastic) of spring greens. I took it to an event, but forgot about it. Keeping the veggies in the clamshell kept them fresh for several days and made salads easy this week.

Tuesday-ah, my new favorite soup, white bean and tomato soup from Dinner, a Love Story. This soup was so rich, flavorful and hearty without a lot of time spent. Photo from DALS. Had with kale chips, also a revelation.

The directions look more complicated because they are in paragraph form, but essentially you:

Cut up onion, carrot and celery
Add oil to a pot, add veggies and one (or three like me) strips of bacon, s+p, rosemary if you have (I skipped)
Cook till soft
Add can of tomatoes
Add most your white beans (I used a can instead of soaking all day)
Cook, add chicken broth if needed
Add remaining whole beans

Eat with olive oil drizzled on top, Parmesan if you have it and sop up with good crusty bread. Reheat the next day for lunch since it tastes so good.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest. Bacon-y goodness will abound.

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beartifix said...

I love bean soups. I recently blogged about my favorite. It's somewhat similar in composition to the one you made. Simple but rich.