March 14, 2011

Fixing Bad Habits

I've not publicly pledged this, but I'd say I'm really trying to kick some of my bad habits to the curb in 2011. Some are shortcuts, some are emotional crutches and some exist purely because of laziness (hello, flossing).

Aside from dialing down my procrastination, which has been a decreasing in frequency and duration, but still there bad habit, my three main behaviors to change are: impulse shopping, consistently working out and balancing my nutritional needs.

The last two are well underway. I've already made good strides towards better fueling my body. On Saturday I completed 10 weeks of intense exercise, which is a good jump start to getting me back on track. And, I got a new bike on Saturday which I'm looking forward to using with Anthony.

Curbing my desire to impulse shop has been very successful too. I really love to shop. I love bargains, I love seeking out the right object, shoe, shelf or whatever. But there's a difference between searching for the right something and picking up a shirt off the Target sale rack because I want something new. Sure, I've found plenty of great deals that way, but in my drive to rid our house of things we don't need, don't fit and don't make our lives better, plenty of those impulse buys have found their way to the Goodwill pile.

In January I gave myself a monthly budget. Oh, how I love a budget. Knowing just what you have to work with really makes you think. Each month I can spend $200 on clothing and accessories (including shoes, bags and jewelry.) Having a budget definitely forces me to think about quality over quantity and how the piece will fit into my existing wardrobe. It's not rocket science, but it works for me.

Two great finds are these slim crop pants from Gap, which are very Holly Golightly and great quality, and this Winnow dress from Patagonia (so comfy and flattering.) I got it in the grey floral.

So far, I've stuck to my budget each month and have only had one true impulse buy (a $3 shirt from Old Navy I haven't worn yet.) I know I've made good choices so far because of the items I've purchased have been worn at least twice (or more in the case of the Patagonia dress.)

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