April 7, 2011

California Food

We had some really amazing food and wine on this trip. I think it was so amazing partially because we were able to just relax and enjoy a glass of pinot grigio at lunch. The other part was the quality ingredients and fresh approach.

We'd intended to do lunch at Tartine on our first day, but ended up at Delfina Pizzeria. Which to quote our waitress, was amazing. To accompany my margherita pizza and everyone else's calzones, we had a bottle of Grotta del Sole Gragnano Frizzante, otherwise known a sparkling red wine.

Recommending wines and/or trying to explain what its like is not the name of this game. I'll just say it was light, refreshing and welcome on a warm afternoon. After lunch we picked up some tarts and sweets from Tartine for munching on later. (They were good, my favorite was the lemon tart)

In Berkeley, we got cones at Ici Ice Cream. Their flavors change daily, are ingredient driven and very fresh. I had balsamic caramel vanilla. Photo from Oh Joy!

Since we were eating at semi-random times and because it was a girl's trip, we did a lot of grocery store/winery smorgasbords. Having a little of bit of everything was much more appealing than a big sit down dinner. The one above is from our last night, so it included treats from Bristol Farms grocery store and the liquor shop next to our hotel.

Typically we had some cheeses, fruit, herbed nuts, crusty bread, tapenade or a dip, sweets and my new favorite brand of crackers, LaPanzanella. I am obsessed with these.

The Coppola Winery had a lot of food and drink options. I heard great things about their restaurant, but we enjoyed poolside service for the Iowa 4 table.

Our last food adventure was to the Ferry Building. It was amazing and I wish there had been time to explore more, but there were A LOT of people there. Had great iced coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee and picked up some regular and blood orange olive oil at Stonehouse California Olive Oil.

Delights beyond compare.

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