April 13, 2011

Yay Spring, Boo Bathrobes and the World as it is Currently

We've had great weather lately, which Micky and I have been taking advantage of by walking most every day. Seeing the buds, flowers and green pushing through the dirt makes each walk better than the last.

Boo bathrobes. Having (this is a decade long problem) a hard time finding a good lightweight bathrobe that doesn't lose shape and slide all over the place or have kimono sleeves, and oh, I don't know, wraps around completely. Top, middle, bottom.

Boo world. Boo natural disasters and the problems they cause in an industrialized society. Boo to the disasters caused by an industrialized society. Boo to focusing on social issues instead of growing the economy and spurring new jobs. Boo to the sad, sad state our country is in. Boo to feeling more and more helpless as the days go on. Boo to all the terrible, horrible people who commit heinous acts against the poor, defenseless, voiceless and dependant.

My empathy runneth over for children who are wantonly tossed around by their parents, society and the agencies who are supposed to protect them. My heart can't ache any more than it does for the animals who are shown cruelty when all they show is love. I don't know how to help the disenfranchised, and watching 60 Minutes just proves that each week. I'm so angry and so incapable of doing anything to change this world. The weight is too heavy.


beartifix said...

I totally hear you about feeling helpless about the things going on in the world. It breaks my heart and I can't do anything to fix any of it. :(

Maddy Joy said...

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