May 12, 2011

Current Googling

Ugh, I'm so bored by my shows lately. Last night I watched two episodes of Glee back to back while searching on my phone for a striped hoodie. I barely had an eye on the tv and I didn't find the right hoodie, but I did find some other interesting tops with the ShopStyle app.

Top 1, top 2 and top 3 (couldn't find a good picture).

Other things I've been researching. Figuring out dates to see these two shows, as well as a Yankees game. One week of vacation + a lot of points of interest is making for early planning.

Before that trip are a few Des Moines things to pencil in. Hairball on June 3 and free yoga at Gray's Lake on Saturday mornings. Picture from here.

Also, preliminary research for a bathroom remodel. Want to have pictures before I start getting quotes.

Picture from AT, related story about subway tiles from This Old House.

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