May 9, 2011

Food for the Last Few Weeks

I've hardly been cooking lately, but have made a few things, mostly pretty simple stuff.

Quick chicken ala Mark Bittman, a veggie and salad
Pastor Ryan's Mexican lasagna and strawberries. I made a few changes to try to make it healthier, I switched out the white tortillas for whole wheat, added an extra can of beans and used brown rice instead of white rice. Verdict: still tasty.
Favorite pasta salad (which I found does not bear switching the sour cream for Greek yogurt, you still need some of the sour cream zing for the dressing).

For Mother's Day (well, the night before), it was grilled pork tenderloin, french bread, berry mix, and saffron orzo with asparagus and prosciutto (my sister-in-law's recipe, soooo good).

I've been baking recently: chocolate cake with vanilla frosting for Anthony's birthday, peanut butter brownies for a work thing and my favorite, strawberry-rhubarb crumble. Picture from here.

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